About Climativity

Climativity is a hub of climate positivity full of good news, simple and impactful actions to take, and an environmentally focused community and movement focused on tackling the climate crisis through optimism.

84% of American youth experience some form of climate anxiety. More than two-thirds of the overall population are concerned as well.

Worrying about the future is a natural reaction to news surrounding the climate crisis. This is a crisis, after all. Yet the negativity can be debilitating, unmotivating, and lead to mental health issues.

The consensus for how to help alleviate these feelings is threefold:

  • Take action,
  • Get involved in a community of supporters and like-minded people,
  • Educate yourself.

Climativity is a media platform that helps accomplish this by being entirely focused on alleviating feelings of anxiety through climate positivity. It was launched in April 2022 by Jacob Simon and Anushka Makhija. Jacob continues to run it today.

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Good Climate News

Global news about the state of our environment and the natural world is usually not good. The doom and gloom are overwhelming. Yet there are positive steps being taken every day. We choose to highlight the plethora of incredibly motivating and exciting climate happenings around the world. This includes government policy, sports, plants and animals, inventions, and many forms of climate optimism.

Simple and Impactful Action

It's not always obvious to know where to start and what to do to fight against climate change. That's why we make it easy for you. On Climativity you'll find actions you can take, how to take them, and the impacts they have.

Overall, We're A Breath of Fresh Air From Climate Anxiety

In the form of...

  • Positive climate and environmental stories.
  • Simple and impactful actions you can take to better planet Earth.

These are delivered to you in the form of:

  • Daily story updates on Climativity.com
  • A weekly newsletter roundup (FYF) every Friday morning.
  • A podcast of good climate news.
  • Social media posts highlighting and amplifying progressive climate leaders and actions.

All of this and more is yours. All you need to do is subscribe. If you want to help support Climativity and our mission, please become a paid subscriber.

The Team

Jacob smiling in the desert at sunrise with 75 goats
Me (Jacob) and a bunch of goats

Jacob Simon


Jacob is based in Brooklyn, has broken 42 world records, and lived on a goat farm in the desert (sneak peek above). He was the 9th best junior pairs figure skater in the world and believes socks are a scam. Oh, and he cares deeply about protecting planet Earth.

Learn more about Jacob at jacobsimonsays.com

Climativity would not exist without Anushka Makhija, the cofounder, writer, and project manager, who has since departed to work on other passion projects.

We would also not be here today without continuous insight from David Stack, and many other incredible people who have dedicated their time and feedback to help us create the best platform possible.

Your subscription allows Climativity to continue to exist. Thank you!

Climativity is climate positivity, good climate news, environmental progress, and impactful eco-friendly actions to better yourself and planet Earth.