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Closing the year out strong

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We (just about) made it to the end of 2023. Congrats!

It was a year filled with a lot of action, and while it didn't always feel like it, lots and lots of good too.

Next year will be even better.

I'm taking the last week of the year off of everything - work, writing, social media, email, etc, and going to reflect and recharge. Much more is on the way, and thanks to all of you for a fantastic year.

Hope you're able to get some rest and see you in 2024...!

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The good from Monday, December 18

gray metal tool that roasts coffee
Photo by Volodymyr Proskurovskyi / Unsplash

The New York Stock Exchange proposed a brand new listing of ‘Natural Asset Companies’ focused on the protection of nature & ecosystems, allowing investments right into landscapes like forests, wetlands, and coral reefs. (eenews)

Electric coffee roasters are gaining popularity which can reduce the emissions of coffee roasting by 90% and allegedly taste just as good. (Bloomberg)

The largest-ever dam removal is still underway in the Klamath River that’s unclogging the path and returning salmon to indigenous communities after 60 years. (Washington Post)

Rotterdam and Singapore are teaming up to create one of the first long-distance green shipping corridors that only allows ships with zero or low-emissions fuels. (BBC)

A quick update for all of you who took action with me to save NYC’s community composting... it is saved! An anonymous donor gave enough to keep them running until the new budget in June. (Gothamist)

A BIG thanks to everyone for making your voice heard on this community composting issue. There are always new actions to take that help make the world better on my page!

The good from Tuesday, December 19

landscape photography of brown trees
Photo by Daniel Peters / Unsplash

California is adopting new regulations to reduce droughts by extensively treating sewage water, filtering, purifying, and bringing it back to the tap for consumption which they say will be the safest and cleanest water served to the public! (AOL)

Today, the US Forest Service is proposing a revision of all 128 forest plans to ban cutting down old-growth trees for money, which are the biggest and oldest trees in the world. This is a huge win and shows once again that making our voices heard helps to influence positive policy!!! (Washington Post)

Western science and indigenous wisdom came together to record the critically endangered night parrot in Australia, proving conservation efforts are working. (ABC)

A growing number of doctors are receiving training and certification in "climate medicine" to better treat ailments from things like heatwaves and floods while advocating for climate action. (CNN)

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The good from Wednesday, December 20 (my brother's birthday!)

green plant on brown round coins
Photo by micheile henderson / Unsplash

Beavers have returned home to indigenous waters in California after 75 years in a conservation effort that released 7 of these keystone species animals to help restore the ecosystem. (Sacramento Bee)

New York City is currently creating the country’s largest resiliency project called BIG U adding 5 miles of parks to Manhattan’s coastline to protect from sea level rise and storm surges. (Yale e360)

Canada is set to announce that all new cars will need to have zero emissions by 2035, joining the EU, UK, India, California, and more with similar regulations. (Reuters)

Nations are agreeing to more debt-for-nature swaps, where developing countries reduce their debt in exchange for conservation efforts in a win-win for debt and environmental justice. (BBC)

The good from Thursday, December 21

yellow red blue and green lego blocks
Photo by Xavi Cabrera / Unsplash

After 80 years, grey wolves have officially rewilded into their native natural habitat in Colorado after agreeing to compensate ranchers if wolves eat any livestock. (Colorado News)

A new Lego-like brick is being used for construction and is said to be 23 times stronger than concrete, withstands a category 5 hurricane, and is completely recyclable. (The Cool Down)

Mariam Lawani started a recycling business in Nigeria to clean up the streets and waterways which is now recovering 100-200 tonnes of waste each month and pays people for every kilogram of trash they collect. (Al Jazeera)

After a tragic accidental poisoning of condors, an entire town in Bolivia declared itself a nature reserve dedicated to the conservation of these birds and their landscape showing impressive community commitment and action. (Mongabay)

Even more good... (bonus stories)

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