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no. 100: The Debt Gala

This weeks good news includes a story about the Debt Gala, which is an anti-Met gala raising awareness and funds for medical debt.
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Hey friend,

Happy Friday... and welcome to the 100th edition of Climativity!!

What started as a class protect alongside my friend Anushka has transitioned into a weekly staple of good stories to uplift and motivate folks to take action for our planet. Thank you all so much for being a part of this community, and here's to another 100!

This week's Good Newsletter is coming a few hours later than usual because I've been on the train tracks, and frankly the internet service was worse than I expected (~5 minutes of loading per photo adds up!).

I had the pleasure of being in Washington, DC for a few days as a part of a summit focused on "creating for a cause", or essentially using content and audiences for the greater good.

I think we hit the mark pretty well here! But I'm excited to distill all my learnings and make these stories and actions even better in the future. I already feel like we're making a difference by pushing for positive change through optimism, and it's only up from here.

Hope you had a great week, and enjoy the good news!

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The good from Monday, May 5

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Photo by James Rathmell / Unsplash

🦭 A huge school of anchovies has led to over 1,000 sea lions chilling on the pier of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco which is the most the area has seen in the past 15 years as these huge animals fuel up for the fast approaching mating season. (AP)

⛲️ Students are designing and creating new native gardens in Washington DC by working with local indigenous leaders to increase biodiversity and lay the path for a more sustainable future with solarpunk vibes as a part of an initiative called Wild Visions. (Grist)

🛢️ Important proposed legislation in California would force oil companies to plug and clean abandoned wells more quickly as these leak harmful pollutants into low-income communities of color, which would bring forth long overdue climate justice despite the industry trying to push back. (Inside Climate News)

🏡 Over 14,000 properties have received the Backyard Habitat Certification which provides guidance and verification to homeowners that remove invasive plants, replace them with native species, and transform yards into thriving ecosystems for insects, birds, and other wildlife. (Reasons to be Cheerful)

The good from Tuesday, May 6

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👗 The Debt Gala was just held for the second time which is basically an anti-Met Gala which raises funds for medical debt and awareness around healthcare inequality while showcasing unique DIY costumes made by regular folks from trash and upcycled materials. (NYT)

🐋 Scientists have been listening to underwater conversations between the largest animals that have ever lived, the remaining few hundred Antarctic blue whales which are almost impossible to find but can be heard more and more often, signifying their population is stable or even increasing. (The Guardian)

🤝 More and more research is showing that by getting involved and participating in collective environmental action with likeminded people, we gain strong feelings of connection and community helping to alleviate fear and anxiety, something I aim to do every day with these stories. (Reasons to be Cheerful)

🐦 A blue rock thrush bird was photographed for the first time ever in the US and is a stunning shade of blue and might be the second time one was ever even seen in North America which serves as a great reminder for how mysterious and magical nature is. (KOIN)

Wednesday, May 8

Because today was dedicated to a partnership, I'm going to share this week's bonus stories here instead!

Chart: Renewables generated a record 30% of global electricity in 2023
Solar and wind are cleaning up the global power grid — so much so that research firm Ember says global power sector emissions may have peaked last year.
Sailing Community Introduces New Platform to Fight Plastic Pollution and Climate Change - EcoWatch
SailGP vs Plastic aims to fight plastic pollution and climate change through a centralized platform designed to educate and inspire action.
What are the most powerful climate actions you can take? The expert view
Voting tops the list for the world’s leading climate scientists in a year when billions of voters go to the polls

The good from Thursday, May 9

green leafed plant in front of window in shallow focus photography
Photo by Adeolu Eletu / Unsplash

🌞 A new stylish red solar panel has been developed by Sonnenkraft that blends in with a terracotta roof which not only looks better on top of red or brown materials but also could help get around different zoning regulations that prevent the use of conventional panels. (pv magazine)

🐟 Lab-cultured fish is now a thing, where fish cells are duplicated and fed until they become an edible product which could serve as a more planet-friendly source of seafood to meet protein needs without depleting ocean ecosystems and without having to kill any fish. (Positive News)

⚡️ Vermont’s senate has passed a bill requiring utilities to have 100 percent renewable power by 2035, and while its fate is still unclear due to governor veto power and backlash, it would reduce emissions equivalent to taking about 200,000 cars off the road. (Vermont Public)

🐍 The endangered queen snake has returned to New Jersey after not being seen in the state since the 1970s, and while they aren’t the prettiest snakes or animals out there, there’s evidence that these nonvenomous snakes have an established population. (NYT)

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