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Did we stop the Willow Project?

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We have many new readers of Climativity today. Many of you have come from my TikTok (@jacobsimonsays), and particularly my video on the incredible story of getting hundreds of millions of people behind stopping the Willow Project.

For days on end, my feed was filled with inspiring people making their voices heard. From my one video alone, over 10,000 people clicked on the link I shared to sign a letter urging this project to stop. I'm still wrapping my brain around that...!

10,121 clicking to write letters
10,121 letters from just my one video!

So many people got behind this cause that videos on the topic were viewed at least 650 million times, and it was the #5 trending topic on all of TikTok behind only Selena Gomez, The Biebers, and March.

So, did the biggest climate-focused social media movement to date manage to stop the Willow Project?

Keep reading to find out more.

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It was a great week, and here's why...

Homer Simpson signing a piece of paper

Over 3 MILLION people sign letters to #StopWillow!

The most popular and far-reaching climate campaign ever took place over the past week to stop ConocoPhillip's $8 billion oil drilling proposal in the Alaskan wilderness.

Every climate communicator and creator I know, plus thousands of others that I don't know, all came together and touched the hearts of people around the world. We made our voices heard via a letter, petition, or phone call to the White House with one clear message: don't approve the Willow Project.

So, was it enough noise to make President Biden listen?

As of the morning of Thursday, March 9th (when I'm writing this), we're not sure yet. But that could be a good thing!

Deliberations were supposed to end and the verdict was to come out on March 6th. Clearly, that has come and gone. Likely due to the mounting public pressure and repercussions that President Biden will face if he backs off of his campaign promises to protect the Earth, they are still deciding what to do.

Perhaps the decision will be announced today, or early next week, but one thing is certain: we can keep making it clear that we do not want this to be approved.

There is no room for oil and gas in our future. I'll continue to monitor and report on any news that comes out on both social media and here in Climativity. In the meantime, you can still sign a letter and read CNN's latest info as this story unfolds πŸ‘‡.

I happened across this curious harbor seal while out photographing sailboat races in Boothbay Harbor. He didn’t stick around long - seals never do…
Photo by Keith Luke / Unsplash

The UN enacts a historic high seas treaty!

Currently, only 1.2% of the oceans are protected. That's basically like ordering a pizza and just eating one pepperoni. In other words, not nearly enough. But the UN came together to sign the most significant act of conservation, ever. This high seas treaty protects, cleans, and conserves international waters. It was two decades in the making and 193 nations came together to make it happen. With 10% of marine species at risk of extinction, this couldn't have come at a more pivotal time.

Vinyl Shopping
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

Musicians are crediting Earth as a song contributor to earn royalties for environmental charities!

When the pandemic hit, I decided to start learning guitar. My dad and I both tried to teach ourselves through some apps and videos, and I took lessons for a few months. My biggest musical accomplishment was memorizing the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine.

Needless to say, I'm not selling any songs, but several talented musicians are and they're claiming the Earth to be a contributor. If you think about it, how can the Earth not have played an important role? Thus, every time their songs are purchased, downloaded, and played, our planet will make some money because of it. And since Mother Earth doesn't have a bank account, it'll all defer to leading climate nonprofits. How cool is that?! 🎢

🀳 Watch me walk around New York and talk about good climate stories πŸ—£οΈ

I never run out of inspiring and positive climate stories to share! If you're a fan of videos filled with hope, check out one of my latest:


Some good news for any Monarch butterfly lovers! (Me) #monarchbutterfly #wildlifeconservation #rewilding #climativity #climatehope

♬ sonido original - Maria Barbena Triola
This one's on the rebounding of Monarch butterfly populations!

If this video isn't playing properly, view it here.

Let's take some climate action...

πŸ‘€ Check it out: Do you live in Austin, or know someone that does? I'll be joining Clean Creatives and Ben & Jerry's from March 11-13th in downtown Austin as a part of SXSW, handing out free ice cream and education on fossil fuel misinformation. Come by and say hi!

πŸ“š Read it: Did you know that the conservation movement in the US was actually started by a group of hunters? Neither did I. But it does make sense that they would want to protect their sport. Beloved Beasts is a book full of surprises and will be an informative read for any animal lover or conservationist.

πŸ›οΈ Get it: I'm a risk taker when it comes to my phone (I usually go case-free), but I've paid the price for it. Thankfully, Pela makes sustainable phone cases that are compostable and fully circular. Use it, and when you're ready to switch styles or phones, you simply send it back and they'll make sure it gets a second life. It doesn't get much more eco-friendly than that!

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