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[FYF 29] More rainbows & DIY microwave popcorn

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😊 This week's wholesome environmental news:

Rainbows are making a comeback!

Roy G. Biv, one of the thing we learn early on in school that sticks for life (if you don't know, it's the colors of the rainbow). Usually, weather patterns getting wonky due to Climate change really sucks. But there's at least one bit of good news to come out of it, more rainbows are expected than every before. And who doesn't love rainbows?

NYC approved $4.2 billion to respond to climate change!

Most of the talk about election day in the US has focused on the people coming and going, but several other initiatives were voted on too. Living in Brooklyn, my personal favorite is that New Yorkers voted to approve a $4.2 billion investment into climate change response initiatives that will provide cleaner water, better infrastructure, and a bunch of new jobs. Way to go, NY!

Even conservative estimates see fossil fuel use peaking soon!

This is mega. There's no doubt about it, fossil fuels are being phased out. Will we live in a world where they're a thing of the past, our air is clean, our streets are quiet, and we're all much safer and healthier? I can't see that far into the future, but I do know that this is a great first step. A definitive peak is coming to fossil fuels by the mid 2030s. Sayonara, suckers.

πŸ‘Š Climate actions you can take right now: Food Edition πŸ˜‹

Make your own microwavable popcorn in seconds

Freshly popped popcorn with some butter and salt is an incredible snack. One of the bests, especially if you're lighting a candle and hunkering down under a cozy blanket to watch a movie.

But stop buying that plastic-wrapped Orville Redenbacher type garbage that comes with random ingredients and chemicals. You've probably heard of buying your own kernels and popping them on the stove, but this microwave technique makes it even easier.

Use your butter packaging for good

You know that paper that comes around each stick of butter? It really annoys me. I always try to peel it off and it ends up ripping, making me touch the butter and get my fingers all greasy.

Anyways, when cooking or baking its pretty common to use just a bit of butter to make sure nothing sticks to the pan or dish. And it turns out, using that annoying paper is the best way to do it.

βͺ Missed last week? Don't worry, I gotchu:

Maybe you were on vacation, or you went through a digital cleanse and stayed off of email. Idk. But in case you didn't get to it, here's what we covered last Friday:

  • Brazil elected Lula to the (metaphorical) throne, their best chance to save the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Southern Australia bans single-use items. Bring your own silverware and water bottles people!
  • School busses are going electric, saving kids the fear of that awful sound their engines make.
  • Environmental protests are fun, meaningful, and you can join one.
  • Batteries are meant to live more than one life, and you can help them do it.

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