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Gen Z is rejecting job offers with bad ESG records!

A drawing depicting three Gen-z students rejecting a bad job offer
This poster was created by Chloe Roush. Chloe is an artist and interdisciplinary designer based in Brooklyn, NY, who is currently studying at Parsons. Her work blossomed after a major concussion when she started exploring the relationship between nature and emotions through painting, drawing, and digital media. You can find her work at catherinechloenguyenroush.com or on social media @chloe.roots
This post is a part of the 'Positivity Posters' live art installation at New York Climate Week 2023, where Climativity teamed up with 8 artists to highlight the best news story of each month of the year.

This story is the best of February!

The Story

Finding a job is one of the most stressful events we all go through. But per usual, Gen Z doesn't care how things have gone in the past.

In a recent survey conducted by KPMG, one in three Gen Z respondents said they'd rejected a job offer based on a company's ESG record. Why? Because they care more about meaning and purpose than money.

In fact, 92% said they wanted "values and purpose" from a company. This goes hand in hand with the trend of "climate quitters" who are leaving their jobs to work on climate solutions.

This story means that future generations are prioritizing careers that make the world a better place, meaning money is not enough of an incentive if the company is doing something bad. IDK about you, but this gives me immense hope for the future.

Gen Zers say they’re rejecting job offers over a company’s climate credentials, survey finds
Gen Z wants jobs at companies with environmental, social, and governance policies that align with their values, a survey by KPMG found.

Take Action

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