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Let's take some action! Climativity's ongoing recommendations & partners

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Photo by Clark Tibbs / Unsplash

Looking to take small but impactful actions to make the world a better place? You're in the right spot.

I've been passionate about the climate and environment for many years, and since I started working in the field, I've gotten a lot more serious about the choices I make to leave this place better than I found it. I do each and every one of the actions that I'm about to lay out for you, alongside hundreds, thousands, and even millions of others.

These are certainly not all the things you can do, but they're a great place to start! As I find new things, I'll add them to this page, so make sure you come back and check it out once in a while ;)

Some of these partners and links are affiliates, meaning I get a commission from these links at no additional expense to you (and often give you a discount). These will all be marked with "*". By using these links, you help Climativity continue to exist while doing some good. A true win-win! 

At home

๐Ÿงผ *Green Llama glass cleaners: replace the plastic bottles & containers most cleaners come in with these refillable glass bottles and trigger sprays made from recycled wind turbine blades! They hooked us up with 15% off if you use the code JACOB15 at checkout.

๐Ÿซง *Solid soap bars are one of the easiest sustainable swaps to avoid plastic (and save money). I use Dr. Bronner's!

๐Ÿงบ *Powdered laundry detergent gets rid of big plastic tubs, plastic-wrapped pods, or paying for something that's mostly water. I've tried laundry sheets and a concentrate, but find powder to be the closest to what I already know and the best for my circumstances.


๐Ÿด *Foldable travel spork: Literally everywhere I go I bring this exact $5 spork with me in my bag, saving countless single-use plastic forks and spoons from the dump.

๐Ÿ’ง *A food dehydrator may not seem like an obvious sustainable choice, but you can take your produce that's getting a little old or mushy, pop it in for a few hours, and enjoy a delicious snack that can keep for weeks in your pantry. I make mushroom jerky, tomato chips, fruit leather, and prevent so much food waste with this handy appliance. (I've linked the one I use because it's cheap and reliable, but there are several more premium options that dehydrate faster.)


๐Ÿฆท *Bite toothpaste bits: toothpaste tubes are wasteful, so let's stop using them. Toothpaste bits are solid (meaning they make travel easier) and come in a refillable glass container that you use for life. They take a little getting used to, but by day 3 you'll be happy you made the switch (at least I am!).


๐Ÿ“บ Waterbear is a completely free and adless streaming service that just focuses on nature, environmental, and climate films. This service is such a hidden gem that I happened across one day, and I highly recommend you check it out.


๐Ÿพ *Fahlo's animal tracking bracelets: They're stylish, they track a real-life animal, and they donate proceeds to wildlife conservation. I have a penguin and a turtle that I wear every day. Get 20% off with code JACOBSIMONSAYS20!

๐Ÿงค Take back bag: old clothes, ripped, faded, outgrown, shredded, whatever the reason is you want to get rid of your clothes or textiles doesn't matter, just order this bag, stuff it, send it back, and get $20 of store credit. They'll give your old clothes another life!

๐Ÿ› ๏ธOnline thrift shops: About 50% of my wardrobe is thrifted, and while most of it was bought locally in Brooklyn, not everyone lives by so many thrift and vintage stores. Luckily online thrift shops like Poshmark are a great sustainable option for secondhand clothing, or check your local Facebook Marketplace!


๐Ÿฆ *Atmos bank: I switched to Atmos a year ago when I heard every big bank takes your savings and invests them into fossil fuel projects. I can't give financial advice, but I do know that Atmos only invests in renewable energy projects, tracks your impact, doubles your interest if you make a donation, and I've never had problems with them. Plus if you use my link, you get $10 for free and donate $10 to 1% For The Planet.

๐Ÿ’ณ *Future Card: I also use Future Card almost daily, as they give a base of 5% cash back on the subway (and all public transit), and even had two months of an astonishing 100% cash back...! They also encourage you to live more sustainably and have a very positive online presence and community. Sign up with my link, and we'll both get $15 for free when you make your first purchase.


๐Ÿซถ There are so many great climate organizations you can and should donate to if you're able. Do your own research and find what fits your values, but three of my favorites are the NRDC, 350.org, and Indigenous Environmental Network.


๐Ÿฅก Too Good To Go is my favorite app on my phone. It's so genius: restaurants take the excess food at the end of the day, package it up, and consumers can pick up the mystery bag for about $5. I've gotten over 15 bags by now, and been pleasantly satisfied every time. If it's available in your city, get this ASAP to save money & reduce food waste!

๐Ÿฅ— Happy Cow is another must-have app for finding plant-based meals. In addition to their cute logo, this is basically Google Maps and Yelp, but only vegan and vegetarian restaurants.


๐Ÿชง Tell US President Biden to declare a climate emergency, end the expansion of fossil fuels, and protect our vulnerable communities.

๐Ÿชง Demand P&G stops cutting down old-growth trees in the Boreal forest for Charmin toilet paper.

๐Ÿชง Join over 239,000 people in demanding we end private jets.

What else?

Have another recommendation that I, or another reader, should consider? Drop it in a comment below! Thanks for making the world a better place ๐Ÿ’š.

**None of this is financial or life advice. This post is simply meant for entertainment and depicting what we use here at Climativity and what you may want to check out too.