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Lawyers refuse to prosecute climate protestors

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Very happy Friday to you all! Give yourself a high five because you deserve it, and enjoy this week's good news.

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It was a great week, and here's why...

The UN signed a resolution to hold rich countries accountable

The small Island nation of Vanuatu, an area particularly vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change, led the charge on this historic win for climate justice. This resolution will make countries that pollute and fail to combat climate change legally responsible for their wrongdoings. Here's to more accountability!

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The EU officially says goodbye to all gas-powered cars by 2035!

I've talked about this story before, but it's finally official. No gas-powered cars will be sold in the EU from 2035 onwards. The future can be summed up in two words: zero emissions. ⚡️

Seagrass Habitat | Old Tampa Bay | Photographer: Joe Whalen | Caulerpa (top right) and its role in the overall seagrass ecosystem in Tampa Bay continues to be of interest to TBEP and its partners.
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Lawyers are refusing to prosecute climate protestors

Ok, this story is pretty cool. 120 lawyers in England have signed a "declaration of conscience", essentially stating that they will refuse to participate in the prosecution of peaceful climate protesters from places like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. Instead of prosecuting, they're urging governments to take climate action and take it now. Let's give a big thank you to this group of lawyers 💚.

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Some good news I found this week and wanted to share before we head into the weekend 🥰 #climativity #goodnews #happyfridayyall #optimism

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Let's take meaningful action together...

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✅ Do it: Join 268,000 people in signing a petition from the Nature Conservancy asking US leaders to take action on climate change.

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