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Parrots learned to Facetime & self-healing mushroom leather

A group of green parrots hanging out
Photo by Deb Dowd / Unsplash

How's your Friday going so far?

I'm writing this Thursday night, but if my day starts anything like the rest of the week, it's gonna be a good one ☀️.

Hope you're ready for a mood boost, because it's coming in hot!

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The Good From Friday, April 28, 2023

🧱 LEGO is trialing a new material for their bricks that don't use fossil fuels and reduces their emissions by up to 95%.

🪼 Scientists made a jellyfish bot that floats with the current like a real jellyfish and collects pollutants along the way.

🛰️ Two dozen satellites will be up by the end of the year that can find methane, an invisible and environmentally harmful gas, and hold polluters accountable.

⚖️ 1.2 million people now have access to education, housing, and jobs after getting their records wiped thanks to Michigan's new Clean Slate law.

The Good From Monday, May 1, 2023

🇩🇪 Germany is giving us one of the cheapest public transportation offers in the world with an unlimited $54/month ticket.

⚽️ FC Barcelona's male football (soccer) team took the train to their match for the first time ever, showing signs that professional sports are starting to care for the planet.

🗽 New York is set to be the first US state to pass a law banning fossil fuels from new buildings by the end of the decade.

🍄 Scientists created a self-healing pseudo leather made from mycelium.

The Good From Tuesday, May 2, 2023

🇮🇩 The indigenous Kajang tribe from Indonesia was given back some rainforest which led to the lowest level of primary forest loss in the country since at least 2002.

🇳🇱 The Dutch government is dedicating 1.5 billion euros to buy out farms close to nature preserves to lower emissions and safeguard biodiversity.

📣 A coalition of climate activists has convinced at least 18 banks, insurers, and companies to drop out of a harmful pipeline in Uganda.

🎶 Tarun Nayar records bioelectric pulses from living plants & fungi and makes insanely cool music from it.

The Good From Wednesday, May 3, 2023

🍻 They figured out how to make tasty beer from recycled wastewater (and it's safe).

🐧 Scientists are tracking woodpeckers to aid in forest recovery from wildfires.

California is making all freight trains that enter the state be zero emissions by 2035, even if they come from a different state.

🇵🇭 US President Biden and the President of the Philippines Marcos met and agreed on a deep partnership focused on stopping climate change.

The Good From Thursday, May 4, 2023

🦜 Northwestern University taught parrots how to Facetime and they instantly loved it, showing off their toys, sharing vocalizations, and even continuing to call each other over a year after the study concluded.

🇧🇷 Brazilian president Lula set up six indigenous reserves in the Amazon rainforest that span 1.5 million acres and banned mining is banned while restricting logging and commercial agriculture.

🇩🇪 Germany dedicated $2.2 billion dollars, the most from any nation, to the UN green climate fund.

🇺🇸 The IRA, passed last year, has created more investment in American manufacturing than initially expected which will result in a surge in new factory jobs and domestic clean energy technologies.

Wait! Before you go, let's take some simple but meaningful climate action together...

  1. Binge-watch TV for good by getting Waterbear, an entirely free streaming service focused fully on programming related to the environment, and learn about climate leaders, solutions, and initiatives.
  2. Submit a letter to the US EPA urging them to protect us from toxic mercury-filled air pollution.
  3. Read my friend Zahra's book on climate optimism, a self-described guide on climate optimism and environmental sustainability.

I genuinely appreciate you joining us in making the world a better place <3

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