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For the first and only time, it's April 21, 2023. And it's a great day!

Since we last talked, I've reached over 4 MILLION people organically just by smiling, walking around New York, and spreading stories of positivity & good news.

4 million people. That means our community is more than the entire population of Croatia.

From then tens of thousands of comments over just the past week or so, one thing is clear: people need more good news.

Good news inspires us, helps us feel hopeful, tells us why this planet and our lives are special, helps us gain a new perspective on our circumstances, gives us a break from our anxiety, makes us happier, reminds us that we're important, and ultimately makes things better.

Spreading positivity and hope as far and wide as I can is something I'll never want to stop doing. I'm not quite sure how that'll look in the long term (yet!), but I'm excited to figure it out.

I can't thank you all enough for being here, for seeing the value of optimism, and for appreciating the beauty of planet Earth 🙏💚

Climativity is climate positivity, good climate news, environmental progress, and impactful eco-friendly actions to better yourself and planet Earth.
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Story sources from this week:

Monday, April 17 (TikTok)

Researchers Capture Video of Deepest Fish Ever Recorded–Almost 5 Miles Below Surface Near Japan
This clueless-looking fish has several adaptations to living in an area where the pressure is 800 times greater than at sea level.
G7 vows to step up moves to renewable energy, zero carbon
Energy and environment ministers of the Group of Seven wealthy nations have vowed to work to hasten the shift toward cleaner, renewable energy, but set no timetable for phasing out coal-fired power plants. The G-7 officials issued a communique on Sunday laying out their commitments after two days of…
World’s First Rewilding Center Opens in Scotland
The center will serve as a gateway to Dundreggan and Trees for Life’s successful rewilding project.
Businesses face more and more pressure from investors to act on climate change
At annual meetings this spring, shareholders will be pushing publicly-traded companies for information about how they’re contributing to climate change, and what they’re doing about the problem.

Tuesday, April 18 (Instagram)

5 of the new species discovered in 2023 | Discover Wildlife
We’re just over a month into 2023, and already there are plenty of newly described species. We share some of our favourites.
The ‘ninjas’ fighting climate change denial on Twitter
A secretive group of internet vigilantes has vowed to cleanse Twitter of false information about climate change.
Pioneering project helps renters cash in on solar savings
By cleverly stacking an array of incentives and credits, two nonprofits are helping Minneapolis apartment dwellers slash their power bills by up to one-third.
Paul Rusesabagina, ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero, released from prison
The man who inspired the novel and the Hollywood film Hotel Rwanda, Paul Rusesabagina, was released late Friday evening from prison after the Rwandan government commuted his sentence.

Wednesday, April 19 (Instagram)

Notes from the field: In Bolivia, small towns keep their forests standing
Years ahead of schedule, Bolivia has met an ambitious goal to protect 30 percent of its land — and that’s thanks in large part to Amazonian towns and villages that are accelerating the pace and scale of conservation in the country.
Cultivating Mushrooms by Trees Could Feed Millions While Mitigating Climate Change, Research Finds - EcoWatch
Growing edible mushrooms next to trees can provide food for millions and mitigate climate change impacts by capturing carbon.

NYC cuts beef out of its facilities to increase health and decrease emissions!

EPA to Fund Network of Centers to Help Marginalized Communities Access Environmental Justice Money - EcoWatch
The EPA will help marginalized communities apply for grants through Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Technical Assistance Centers.

Thursday, April 20 (TikTok)

Scientists discover pristine deep-sea Galápagos reef ‘teeming with life’
Diving to 600m, researchers find reefs full of octopus, lobster and fish, raising hopes for corals’ survival amid rising sea temperatures
California’s Desert Superbloom After Spring Rainstorms Is So Big and Bright, it Can be Seen from Space–LOOK
The beauty of a Superbloom arises out of the necessity of several years of drought, when season after season, new seeds can’t germinate.
World’s First Carbon Import Tax Approved by EU Lawmakers
The vote caps nearly two years of negotiations on first-of-a-kind legislation that would tax imports based on the greenhouse-gas emissions emitted to make them.
MTA vows to cut greenhouse its gas emissions 85% by 2040; plans LIRR upgrades
“The most important thing that we can do is to keep attracting more riders to transit, keeping them out of cars,” MTA Chairman and CEO Janno Lieber said.

Last but not least, let's take some action:

Tell Congress that you support saving North Atlantic Right Whales!
Fewer than 350 North Atlantic right whales are alive in our oceans today. They face a daily battle for survival amidst threats from fishing gear entanglements and deadly boat and ship strikes. In a desperately-needed action, the Administration has proposed a new rule on vessel speed in areas where…
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