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An endangered tapir calf was born in the UK!

A baby tapir
Photo by Dušan veverkolog / Unsplash

Nessa (the same name as my grandmother!) was born in Cheshire, England following a lengthy 13-month pregnancy.

She's a ray of sunshine beaming through the sad news that there are only about 2,500 spotted tapirs left in the world.

Unlike the tapir spotted above (for copyright reasons), Nessa and her species are spotted, striped, and have long noses. They can blend in with the forest floor and use their noses to forage for food and enhance their smell to make up for poor eyesight.

I had never heard of a tapir until now, but these creatures are a stunning cross between a horse and a rhino. Nessa is giving us hope that some day they can bounce back in population and leave the endangered species list.