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Better late than never

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Usually, this letter is sent out at 7:01 am each Friday. Today, it's a bit late. But it's still filled with just as much great news!

As always, thanks for reading, and have an incredible weekend filled with happiness 💚.

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Good news from this week

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Ads suck. Times Square is the worst place in NYC. Commercials are the worst part of watching a TV show. Those YouTube ads get longer and longer. And the worst ads of all are greenwashed lies from fossil fuel companies. That's why Vox Media said 'GTFO' to fossil fuel ads, forever!

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You know what else sucks? That every time I go to the grocery store and want some veggies, they're wrapped in plastic packaging. Why?! I can't say, but I can tell you that scientists from Rutgers and Harvard developed a spray-on biodegradable coating that washes off and is better than plastic for your produce and the planet in every way!

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Historically, polluting facilities are located in disadvantaged communities, which in effect causes more harm to low-income communities and communities of color. Very clearly, not cool. But New York just passed a law that will (finally) require a comprehensive environmental justice assessment before any polluting facility can be built in or around these areas!

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Ok, this one's a bit weird at first. But the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. New York became the sixth US state to legalize being composted after you pass away. Strange? Yes, but also the most natural and environmentally friendly way to be buried, and it's quickly rising in popularity.

👀 Read it: My family and Other Animals, taking place on the Greek island of Corfu, is about the wild yet true adventures of a small boy immersing himself in the natural world while taking dozens of birds, lizards, dogs, and many more animals I never knew existed back home with him. If you love animals, this is one to check out (FWIW it's the book for my family's book club this month too).

🧑‍🍳 No waste taste: If you're like me and my roommates last year, you leave brown sugar untouched for too long and it becomes a solid break. Thankfully, you can salvage it by softening this rock-hard brown sugar with just a slice of bread.

🛍️ Get it: You may have heard all the stories about gas stoves causing childhood asthma, and they may be banned in the US. While upgrading to an induction stove isn't possible for everyone, if it is for you, it's pretty much better in every way. (There is a small learning curve while you get used to how fast it works – water boiled in a minute! If you make the switch let me know and I'll give you some tips).

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