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Solar pumps are empowering women farmers in India

By pooling their saving together, women farmers have purchased solar-powered irrigation pumps to grow reliable produce and provide financial independence.
A farm at sunset
Photo by Akin Cakiner / Unsplash

In the small village of Harpur, India, women farmers like 35-year-old Babli Devi were facing water scarcity that limited their crops.

They came together to form self-help groups and pooled their savings to install solar pumps for irrigation.

These pumps have created enough water to grow more reliable produce and supply the excess to other farmers in the community, providing financial independence and confidence.

These women who are no longer financially dependent on their spouses have taken control of their livelihoods with innovative climate tech, enabling them to purchase sewing machines and education for their children, and the solar pumps are empowering a new generation of women farmers in India.

Thank you, Tanmoy Bhaduri and Reasons to be Cheerful, for reporting this.

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