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Meatless meat is here

Meatless meat is here
Photo by José Ignacio Pompé / Unsplash

If you don't eat meat, it's likely for either health, moral, or environmental reasons. But what if there was a meat product that fixes all three?

The mistreatment, abuse, and slaughtering of animals is horribly unjust. The environmental impact of the meat industry is one of the leading causes for climate change and deforestation in the world. And the high fat content found in many meats is not healthy.

But companies like Upside Foods are growing real meat from the inside of a lab. No slaughter, no huge amounts of land or greenhouse gas emissions, and no crowded farms or tightly packed pens prone to disease. Just a few animal cells and some cultivation, and we get a real burger or piece of chicken without any animal ever dying.

And best of all, the FDA just approved it.

So, will you eat no-kill meat?