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The first Tesla semi truck is finally here

The first Tesla semi truck is finally here
Photo by Austin Ramsey / Unsplash

Wrapped up in controversies around Twitter, internet memes, misinformation, and more, Elon Musk is a 'love him or hate him' type of figure.

Yet undeniably, his company Tesla skyrocketed electric vehicles to mainstream success.

Hundreds of thousands of fully electric cars are now sold every year–soon to be hundreds of millions–largely due to Tesla's success. Yet until now, they've all been cars.

The transportation industry and trucking are responsible for over a quarter of global emissions. Thus, a way to decarbonize it would be a massive step forward in protecting the planet.

And that way is being rolled out now! Announced years ago, the Tesla semi truck is all-electric, goes 500 miles on a charge, and the first ones are being delivered now.