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Time for some good news

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Doing a happy dance

The US bans ownership of big-breed cats!

Sorry, Tiger King fans. Big-breed cats are not meant to be pets, and after the US Senate unanimously passed the Big Cat Public Safety Act, they no longer will be.

A striped Tapir

Nessa, an endangered tapir calf, was just born in the UK!

She shares a name with my grandmother, took 13 months to be ready for the world, and is one of about 2,500 of her species. Nessa is a spotted and striped tapir who was born in Cheshire, England and offers a glimpse of hope for rebounding the population of these adorable creatures.

Waffle in a styrofoam container

California cities ban harmful foam takeout containers!

Iconic? Yes. Fun to carve a smiley face into with your fingernails? Again, yes. But also "probably carcinogenic", made from fossil fuels, and destined to disintegrate into microplastics. Polystyrene foam containers and cups have been used for years but are being banned in LA and San Diego for a plethora of good reasons.

Satsop Nuclear Power Plant, WA, is a nuclear plant that wasn’t completed. Today only the cooling towers and some of the admin building are left. It was amazing to see it!!
Photo by Jakob Madsen / Unsplash

Nuclear fusion takes a huge leap forward

I'm no climate scientist, but in basic terms: nuclear fusion takes two atoms, heats them up, smushes them together, and the result is a single nucleus. The mass of this is less than the combined mass of the original two, and thus the leftover mass becomes energy.

After 70 years of trying, this was successfully completed with a net energy gain for the first time ever, meaning more energy came out of the experiment than what was put in. This is a great sign of the viability of nuclear fusion powering the world in an entirely sustainable and emissions-free way.

Things to do
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Want to build a climate tech startup? Now's your best chance

After investing in 100+ climate tech startups now worth over $10 billion, Y Combinator took the time to create a truly extensive list of climate tech startup ideas that could change the world. They know a thing or two about making a startup that works (Reddit, Airbnb, Twitch, Stripe) and included things to avoid, problems, solutions, and explanations behind their ideas.

No waste taste: 2-ingredient banana pancakes

For some reason, the right amount of bananas is tough to get right. Over the course of the week, they're either gone too fast or slowly turn browner and browner until they're basically mush. You can make banana bread with the leftovers, but only if you have multiple, and it takes a decent amount of time.

Yet this recipe turns your single mushy banana into several delicious pancakes, with 2 ingredients, in 2 steps. I made these the other day (mine are pictured below) and it took less than 10 minutes. I also genuinely like them more than regular pancakes!

2-ingredient banana pancakes


  1. 1 banana
  2. 1 egg


  1. Crack your egg and open your banana into a small bowl, mashing and mixing with a fork until almost smooth (some banana chunks will remain).
  2. Scoop into small circles onto a greased pan on medium heat, flipping when golden brown (about 2 minutes).
  3. Enjoy!

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