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To save the whales, Wholes Foods bans lobster

To save the whales, Wholes Foods bans lobster
Photo by Bart / Unsplash

My experience of fishing is sitting by a stunning lake on a sunny morning, casting into the water, and enjoying the beauty of nature and life with my friends. Catching a fish happens about 0.01% of the time.

But I had no understanding of how vastly different the commercial fishing process is before I saw the documentary Seaspiracy.

In truth, it's brutal to the ocean and marine life, and the number one kind of plastic litter in the ocean is wasted fishing gear.

Marine Stewardship Council and Seafood Watch just let us know that the process of catching lobsters is problematic too. One of the biggest risks to whale safety is entanglement in the gear used to catch lobsters.

Whole Foods said enough is enough... let's save the whales!