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spooky season won't stop climate progress

FYF #24. October 7, 2022.

Life is gourd as we enter October. Ready for a BOOst of climate positivity? Ok, too many puns already. Please don't email me about this.

In all seriousness, it was another week filled with some awesome forward progress in the climate movement. Let's dive into some of the best.

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😊 This week's wholesome environmental news:
Someone riding a motorcycle at sunset.

The era of electric motorcycles is coming

Is there anything louder than a revving engine of a motorcycle outside your window at 1:00 am when you're trying to sleep? Thankfully, Zero Motorcycles is taking it upon themselves to remedy this forever. Their $107 million funding round will certainly help electric motorcycles come to a road near you.

The bottom of an iPhone

Apples, Oranges, and FINALLY some USC-B charging

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, he said it was a moment he had "been looking forward to for two and a half years". Well it's not a competition, but I've been waiting for iPhones to have USB-C charging for far longer. Thanks to the European Parliament, it's sounding like that time is finally here.

A line of wind turbines on a beach

It's windy out there

Some people think wind turbines are ugly. I think they're sexy. But no matter what your preferences are, offshore wind is now 125 times better for taxpayers in terms of return on investment.

A group of people sitting in a park

Join a true climate community

Work on Climate is a Slack channel (and much more) that brings together thousands of people already working on climate solutions, transitioning to a climate job, or thinking about getting a climate career. I've met about a dozen awesome people working on everything from a climate impact app to an impressive sustainabiltiy consulting biz. Best of all, you can join for free. I did!

A top-down shot of a kid reading a children's book

It's all about the children

Talking to kids is easy. Talking to kids about climate change is hard. I'm no expert on how to do it right, but thankfully, The Guardian, National Trust, and Kala Paul-Worika are.

Missed last week? I gotchu, fam. Read the full thing online HERE, or check out a few of the highlights:

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🚊 Trains go emissions-free: Thanks to Amtrak's new goals

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